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The community has obtained food from the ocean for centuries - but population numbers are constantly escalating.

To prevent the over-fishing of the reefs and plundering of turtle nests, we give the community an alternative by generating income.

We achieve this by:


Stimulating the economy of the area in which the project is situated by enhancing tourism - which is the largest biggest growing income generator in the world.

  • Providing inward investment into the region

  • Creating the job opportunities so desperately needed

  • Empowering people through human upliftment, development, skills training and education.

  • Providing the capacity for entrepreneurs to develop through the creation and development of Small Micro and Medium Business Enterprises


Our development is based on our tripartite principle being:

  • Social acceptability

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Financial viability

Each one of these principles is interdependent and one cannot exist without the other: they form a cohesive and synergistic relationship.


We will establish various projects which will primarily support the core development project. These include a bakery, fresh produce, chickens, eggs and fishing.


These projects will be managed by resort management to ensure smooth operation, planning and production.

The produce of subprojects will be primarily for project use. Produce not used by the project will be sold on the market.

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