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Legacy Hotels and resorts manages 24 4- and 5 star hotels, bush lodges, leisure resorts and casino resorts in key tourism and business locations throughout Africa and is expanding into the emerging European and Middle Eastern markets.

 Legacy will watch over your property, ensuring that every detail is taken care of before you arrive. Tartaruga Bay will oversee the ongoing property management by Legacy, including reservations, and concierge services.
See http://www.legacyhotels.co.za

From professionally cleaning after each use, to 5-star quality maintenance inside and out, the property manager will worry about everything, including security, stocking the toiletries, bookkeeping, processing the bills, supervising all repairs, landscaping, pool service and coordinating the use of the other owners. 

We will spoil you with all of the frills, providing a full-time emprigado (personal butler), a private chef to prepare your perfect party dinner on your deck at your villa at your request, security or just arranging for your arrival.

Restaurant reservations, a day of fishing, bookings for diving, yachting or sailing, skiing or surfing lessons, a private massage, coiffure and spa services, laundry are all available to you as an owner.

Fractional ownership is the perfect, effortless formula for peace of mind and your ongoing enjoyment - without the typical hassles that come with whole home ownership.

You do no maintenance, repairs or work on your property while you are on vacation at Tartaruga Bay. Tartaruga Bay will be managed

Each villa is managed locally, ensuring that all the details are taken care of before you arrive, from cleaning after each use, to quality maintenance inside and out.

In fact, your property will be so well managed that you will have little need to communicate with your fellow co-owners unless you want to.

We protect your investment and your piece of mind.


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