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Congratulations on your choice to make an investment in worldwide luxury vacations.

Choose your ownership and a consultant will contact you.

Villa Number  

Week number/s
High season (green) weeks must be adjacent and purchased in multiples of 2.
Weeks 20,21,44 and 45 are not for sale. Week 1 is the first week in January.
See pricing.
First choice and confirmation by us ensures reservation. No correspondence will be entered into about ownership already reserved.

Permanent storage
Only investors with 4 weeks and more can purchase permanent storage.
Only one storage area per owner.

How it will work:

  1. Submit your choice of villa or cabanas and month

  2. Choose corresponding month of private hangar or boat house if required

  3. Submit your request

  4. A consultant will contact you to confirm availability

  5. You will complete a reservation form and deposit the reservation fee

  6. Your share/s will be reserved for you for 30 days

Welcome to luxury on the Mozambican coconut coast

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