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In the past, fractional ownership projects had one major problem: if you were tied to peak season because you have children in school, you could never be sure you can go when the kids have holidays.

On the other hand, if you have no children at school and you prefer to go in the low season because that is when you can get off at work, you could never be sure that you would always go when it is quieter.

Our super-flexible LifeStyle Advantage Plan allows you to rotate your weeks -when you need them.

You can also mix week types if you want - to your own advantage.

Now you can really have the time of your life.

A comprehensive set of Rules and Regulations determines the use schedule for all of the owners.

Under the Tartaruga Bay program, you can use your property during the weeks you purchased as per the rotation plan in the particular season, or swap weeks with other owners through resort management.


Note: Maintenance weeks (marked in red) can not be occupied

Note: In certain villas weeks do not rotate. Weeks in highly sought after periods carry a price premium.

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