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what is fractional ownership?
what are the benefits?
are fractional ownership and timeshare the same?
how does fractional ownership work?

how does it work in Mozambique?
What happens if I cannot use my share?
Is it good value for money?
is my money protected?
do share owners own the land?
what are the roads like to Tartaruga Bay?
can I see the legal process for the development?
are there plans to develop housing schemes/Industrial sites nearby?
who are the professionals who work on the estate?
how is Tartaruga Bay involved in the local community?
does the local community support the project?
how close is the community to the project?
does the community have access to the resort?
how are services planned?
does Tartaruga Bay have Insurance cover?
is Tartaruga Bay in a Malaria Area?
are there nearby medical facilities?
are the beaches at Tartaruga Bay resort safe for swimming?
can I launch my boat at the resort?
will there be a place of safekeeping for my boat or kayak?
will there be a facility where I can wash my car or boat?
will there be a scuba diving facility?
is the project approved by the Mozambican Government?
is fractional ownership for me?

how much does it cost?
what are the levies
what do I get?
how does payment work?

how do I invest?

what is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is a method of co-owning a single valuable asset by more than one individual or entity.

It is a legal entity through which a number of investors become shareholders and owners of a leisure property.

The costs and usage of the property is shared among the shareholders in relation to the percentage shareholding.

The shareholders are the owners of the property, and therefore control all aspects of the property through a private company.

Shareholders utilize the property by means of a shareholders’ agreement. For example, an 8% share would allow 4 weeks usage per annum

This investment method offers the most favourable and optimal combination of leisure lifestyle, investment, and property ownership, by offering a share in an high-value, appreciating asset at a fraction of the cost – without the burden of management and maintenance.

Owners own a percentage of the property - an appreciating asset which can be used as collateral, sold or left to others in a will.

what are the benefits of fractional ownership?

More and more people are realizing that the benefits of Fractional Ownership are significant:

  • Few people make use of a second property or holiday home all year round. Fractional Ownership offers you the perfect solution - you only pay for what you use.
  • It offers more affordable ownership in exclusive leisure destinations as costs are shared. Majority of people would otherwise not be able to afford a second leisure property.
  • You can invest in more than one leisure property in different locations at the same cost as one single property.
  • Conventional property investment would cost at least 13 times more.
  • Leisure destinations, because of demand, increase in value much faster than average residential properties.
  • Minimal capital outlay whilst enjoying maximum benefit in select locations.
  • The burden and cost involved in maintaining and managing the property is shared among the owners and managed by professionals.
  • Rental income can be earned if weeks not utilized are rented, also a task handled by professionals.
  • You can exchange your time slots with co-owners.
  • Limited security concerns as result of maximum usage and higher occupancy, and secure estates / developments.
  • You can sell your share in the property at the current property market value at any time.
  • You invest in property with capital growth.
  • Limited surety
  • Owning a holiday destination as opposed to renting it

are fractional ownership and timeshare the same?

No. The only similarity is that more than one party is involved in the property.

The advantages of Fractional Ownership over timeshare are as follows:

Timeshare and Fractional Ownership comparison

  Timeshare Fractional Ownership
What you buy Timeshare buys usage time of a holiday unit Fractional Ownership buys an appreciating asset
Ownership Never owned by member Owned by shareholder
Property value Does not increase Increases as property values increase
Market Lower level Middle to upper level
Investment growth Value decreases Value grows
Resale Can be sold, limited options Can be sold at any time with contractual limits.
Supply Higher than demand, limited availability Your share is always yours
Commissions Brokerage commissions of up to 60% 7-10%. As with any property transaction, paid by the seller

how does fractional ownership work?

The concept is perhaps best demonstrated by way of example:

  • 12 Investors each purchase 8.3% of the shares (total of 100%) in a company which owns a leisure property.
  • In return, each receives 8.3% share in the property, as well as 4 weeks a year (with some time left over for maintenance) at different periods at an exclusive holiday destination.
  • The share owners share the cost of maintenance and repair
  • As the property increases in value, the value of the owner's shares also automatically increases.
  • If a share owner does not use his time, the property is let to create income for the share owner

how does it work in Mozambique?

At present, the state owns all the ground in Mozambique.

There are a two ways to own fractional ownership in Mozambique:

ž the right way:

  1. The project is approved by Mozambican Department of Tourism and has Mozambique Government approval in terms of Decree 39 of 2007
  2. You have South African Reserve Bank clearance


  1. Your ownership is perpetual and your children's children will still enjoy your investment
  2. If you decide to sell your share, you can repatriate your profits to South Africa

ż the wrong way

  1. Your developer does not have South African Reserve Bank clearance
  2. The development is approved by Mozambican Department of Tourism but not with regards to Decree 39 of 2007
  3. You do not have to apply for South African Reserve Bank clearance


  1. Your share ownership is only for 49 years renewable by a further 40. Your children's children will have to buy their own holiday home
  2. If you decide to sell your share, you can not repatriate your profits to South Africa - except, of course, by bringing it over the border in a brown paper bag

what happens if I cannot use my share?

The management company will rent out your share through professional service providers to generate income for you.

You can also choose to allow the whole share week to be let by the management company. In this way, the investment can be recovered within 7 years - and this while your investment increases substantially. See Growth.

It will work like this:

Average Villa Rate per night   R 3,900
Cost per Gold Share   R 162,000
Days per share per year   R 7
Annual value based on daily rate R 27,300
Monthly levies per share   R 290


Rental Days Rental Amount  Escalation per year Rental Income 10% Travel Agency fee 17% Govt levy 13% Rental Pool Admin Fee Levies Owner's Income Cumulative Owner's Income
Year 1 7 R 3,900 12% R 27,300 R 2,730 R 4,641 R 3,549 R 3,480 R 15,630 R 15,630
Year 2 7 R 4,368 12% R 30,576 R 3,058 R 5,198 R 3,975 R 3,898 R 17,506 R 33,136
Year 3 7 R 4,892 12% R 34,245 R 3,425 R 5,822 R 4,452 R 4,365 R 19,606 R 52,742
Year 4 7 R 5,479 12% R 38,355 R 3,835 R 6,520 R 4,986 R 4,889 R 21,959 R 74,701
Year 5 7 R 6,137 12% R 42,957 R 4,296 R 7,303 R 5,584 R 5,476 R 24,594 R 99,295
Year 6 7 R 6,873 12% R 48,112 R 4,811 R 8,179 R 6,255 R 6,133 R 27,545 R 126,840
Year 7 7 R 7,698 12% R 53,885 R 5,389 R 9,161 R 7,005 R 6,869 R 30,851 R 157,691
         R 221,545            

Note: It is important to keep in mind that only the managing agent employed by the developer may be used for renting out a unit since the Mozambican government have to receive a levy on all rentals (17%) and monitor this closely. The developer will charge a further 13% rental agency administration fee or commission. Thus the rental pool will operate at a 30% commission that will be deducted off the rental income and the balance will be paid out to the owners or shareholders. In addition, a 10% tour operator's fee was included. This will only apply if the owner does not have a paying guest and the management company has to find one through a tour operator.

is it good value for money?

Absolutely. Here we did some research on exclusive lodges comparable to Tartaruga Bay.

In this example we assumed 4 adults and 4 children under age 12 in a villa.

It turns out that the comparable value per week is almost R100,000.

Vacation Value



Children under 12 years @ 50%
Comparable Exclusive Lodge in Mozambique Rack rate per person sharing (R/$=7) Cost excluding meals, transfers and other
Lodge 1 R4,400 R3,564 R1,782
Lodge 2 R3,500 R2,835 R1,418
Lodge 3 R2,900 R2,349 R1,175
Lodge 4 R2,500 R2,025 R1,013
Lodge 5 R2,300 R1,863 R932
Lodge 6 R1,800 R1,458 R729
Average R2,349 R1,175
Value per day    
4 Adults R9,396  
4 Children R4,698  
Total per day R14,094  
Value per week R98,658  

is my money protected?

Your money is protected in 4 ways:

In South Africa
in the Trust Account:
  • through South African legislation

  • by the Fund Manager's oversight and control

  • Earns interest

during construction:
  • through additional insurance to cover purchasers' funds

In Mozambique

against non-performance by the Developer:
  • by guarantees we give as prescribed by Mozambican Government legislation

do the owners own the land?

No. Land tenure in Mozambique does not take the form of ownership, but of use rights. In Mozambique this is for 50 years renewable for a further 49 years.

Because of recent legislation and strict adherence to specification, Tartaruga Bay ownership is perpetual

The Mozambique Government has also stated in a letter to the IMF that land tenure is currently under review. This is done in order to allow owners to take bonds from banks on their properties for building homes. It is expected that rights holder will pay a small fee to become title holders - a huge future benefit for fractional owners.

what are the roads like to Tartaruga Bay?

The new road to Inhambane is almost completed with a few kilometers remaining in the Xai Xai area. Access to Tartaruga Bay requires a 4x4 vehicle.

can I see the legal process for the development?

Of Course - click here for the legal process and other documentation.
If you need anything else, email us here.

are there plans to develop housing schemes/Industrial sites nearby?

No. There may be tourism projects planned for the future that we do not know of, but industrial developments are not on the cards

who are the professionals who work on the estate?

We assembled a unique combination of skills to create Tartaruga Bay.

Click here to see them

how is Tartaruga Bay involved in the local community?

Tartaruga Bay will establish various projects which will primarily support the core development project. These include a bakery, fresh produce, chickens, eggs and fishing. These projects will be managed by resort management to ensure smooth operation, planning and production. 

The produce of subprojects will be primarily for project use. Produce not used by the project will be sold on the market.


does the local community support the project?

Yes, the community has been consulted, and they welcomed the project, all meetings held by the community and the developer has been recorded by the Government departments.

how close is the local community to the project?

The local village is about 2-3 km from the project. Because the community is agricultural, the houses are far from each other.

Click on the image to Download the free Quick Guide to Fractional Ownership

does the community have access to the resort?

According to law, the community will have controlled and limited access to the beach using a specific footpath only.

All Tartaruga Bay employees will wear the formal Tartaruga Bay uniform, which will allow them access to the property. Day visitors will be accompanied to the Club house by Tartaruga Bay staff where they can visit for the day.

The resort have a number of coconut trees, some needs harvesting, when the time comes for harvesting, the previous beneficiaries of these trees will be able to harvest under the supervision of the security of Tartaruga Bay, they will also wear the formal Tartaruga Bay uniform. 

how are services planned

Service networks are designed and managed to the highest standards.

3 Boreholes will supply the water which will be fed into reservoirs and then be relayed to the different areas in the resort. Boreholes will be tested to ensure that good quality of water goes to the villas. Each villa will be fitted with an osmosis water purification system on one tap in the kitchen of the villa.

A backup generator will ensure electricity for essential items, at all times.  Ceiling fans will work in case of power cuts, but air conditioners will not be able to operate during those times.

does Tartaruga Bay have Insurance cover?

All buildings and villa contents of the resort will be covered by Insurance.  All home owners will be informed of the company used for this. Individual insurance for items of personal nature, like cameras, will not be the responsibility of the resort.

What security measures are planned for Tartaruga Bay?

The property will have guards on a 24hour basis in 3 shifts. In addition each villa will have a safe installed for valuables.

is Tartaruga Bay in a Malaria Area?

Yes. Mozambique is a malaria area and malaria prophylaxis is highly recommended.

Do NOT believe the urban legend that you must not take prophylaxis because the medication masks the symptoms and confuses your doctor. ALWAYS TAKE YOUR PROPHALAXIS.

Tartaruga Bay will conduct its own spray programs and mosquito nets will be available on every bed. Owners will still be responsible for their own mosquito repellants.  No candles or mosquito coils will be allowed because of the fire hazard.

are there nearby medical facilities?

There are doctors and a hospital available in Inhambane which is 15kilometrs from Tartaruga Bay. We also have a helipad for emergency evacuations.

are the beaches at Tartaruga Bay resort safe for swimming?

 Yes. There are no rip tides and there are natural pools in the coral.

can I launch my boat at the resort?

Yes. We will provide a launching service for your fishing boat because no vehicles are allowed in the beach.

will there be a place of safekeeping for my boat or kayak?

There are permanent storage facilities available for purchase. If you intend to leave equipment or vehicles in your  storage area on a permanent basis, ensure that the import duties are paid.

will there be a facility where I can wash my car or boat?

 Yes. The washing area is near permanent storage. We also provide a freezing facility for your catch.

will there be a scuba diving facility?

There will be an activity centre which will arrange for your scuba adventure.

is the project approved by the Mozambican Government?

Absolutely. Developers who took short cuts with the legal process have had problems in the past. This is not the case with Tartaruga Bay. Approval documentation is available in the Prospectus

is fractional ownership for me?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are a candidate for Fractional Ownership.

  • Are you interested in entering / investing in the property market?
  • Do you want to have a holiday every year at Mozambique's best beach in a luxury villa - without paying for accommodation?
  • Do you want to own a second property / holiday home?
  • Are you interested in diversity of your investment portfolio?
  • Do you have cash available or equity in your existing bond?
  • Would you prefer more choice and flexibility during your holiday?
  • Are you interested in creating wealth through a leisure property?
  • Do you want better returns on investment by lowering risk?
  • Would you rather prefer someone else to manage your holiday home?
  • Do you rather want to own your holiday home as opposed to rent it?
  • Would you prefer a better lifestyle?

how much does it cost?

The price you see is what you pay – there are NO valuation fees, bonds costs, VAT etc. These costs could be as much as 15% of the purchase price.

Prices vary from R80,000 to R162,000 per share depending on whether it is 1) beachfront and sea-facing villas or 2) low, mid and high seasons.  See pricing

A small share transfer fee will be required

what are the levies?

Levies are payable with regards to security, services (housekeeping, gardening etc.) management and maintenance of the property. Levies for Tartaruga Bay is R290 per month per share

how does payment work?

  • A cash deposit of 10% upon signature of the Reservation Agreement to reserve your shares for 30 days.
  • The remaining 90% within 30 days

Your share purchase amount is held in trust by Kruger Moeletsi, a highly respect legal firm in Nelspruit who have won numerous awards for trust fund management excellence in South Africa. Development funds are managed by 4 independent, highly respected Trust Fund Managers who guarantee that funds are used in complete accordance with the Development Plan.

Where will the rental income be paid?

Taxes, admin fees are paid in Mozambique and rental income and travel agency fees are paid in South Africa


 What do I get?

You receive a share in a leisure property and appreciating asset, together with:

  • The exclusive, perpetual right of use according to the share/s purchased
  • Access to and use of the club house and other communal property
  • Comprehensive services and  maintenance
  • A property which increases in value more than the average residential property
  • A real, unalienable right in the property
  • A fully tradable right and share certificate

How do I invest?

  1. Contact us
  2. Choose your unit and timeslot/s
  3. Sign a reservation agreement and pay a 10% reservation fee to reserve your share/s for 30 days
  4. We will get a Shareholders’ & Usage Agreement to you to sign within 30 days
  5. Make payments as per the Sale of Shares Agreement.

Click here or on the Direct Callback image and we will phone you.

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