> your security

We make sure you can purchase with total peace of mind
 in 6 ways:

Purchaser Amount Insurance

Your purchase amount is insured so your investment is safe

Insured Trust Account

The Trust Fund where your money is held is:

  • insured against financial irregularities as prescribed by the Law Society of South Africa

  • held by Kruger Moeletsi, a firm which has won numerous awards for trust fund management

  • earns interest for you

Mozambique Government Insurances and Bonds

Mozambique Decree 39 of 2007 requires the following:
Article 9 guarantees that:
-The Project is finished on time
- Repayment of purchaser amount is possible upon
developer withdrawal
Article 33 Reserve Fund ensures that your villa
remains as luxurious as the first day move in
Article 35 Bond ensures good management
of the project

More return on your money

Ownership at Tartaruga Bay will bring a greater return than leaving money in your home loan or fixed deposit

Furthermore, Mozambique will grow 7.5% this year

Other countries' growth rates for 2012
South Africa 2.5%
United Kingdom 1.6%
USA 1.8%
Europe 1.1%

Source: International Monetary Fund

Rental income

Your villa can generate a passive cash flow through rental income

Protected Trust Fund

4 independent and experienced Trust Fund Managers are contractually bound to ensure that funds are applied strictly according to the development plan, guaranteeing that your funds are used for the construction of your villa

You can now invest with total peace of mind -
your money is completely protected:

In South Africa
in the Trust Account
  • through South African legislation

  • by the Fund Manager's oversight and control

  • Earns interest

after purchase
  • through additional insurance to cover purchasers' funds

In Mozambique

against non-performance by the Developer:
  • by guarantees we give as prescribed by Mozambican Government legislation

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