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You awake with a smile and a sense of ease, knowing that unspoilt nature, exquisite amenities and attentive care await you. It is the beginning of another perfect tropical day with endless possibilities for relaxation and adventure.

Adrenaline-filled fishing
Fish from the beach, kayak or charter a boat.

Tartaruga Bay boasts some of the best game fishing in the region.

Scuba Diving
Manta Reef is right on your doorstep and is rated as one of the top 10 diving sites in the world.

Visit the manta ray cleaning stations or swim with the gigantic and gentle whale shark.

Experience the whales
Swim with the whales. Every year, large pods of humpback whales come to the bay to rest and mate. Share the ocean with an amazing and friendly marine mammal.

Exceptional taste
Discover mouthwatering dining as surprising, colourful and varied as the ocean. The restaurant and ladies bar will tempt you daily with everything from Italian to seafood, classic steaks, poolside snacks and exotic cocktails

Spa Pampering
Relaxation awaits with the splendors of the resortís tropical spa, where relaxing therapies are imbued with indigenous ingredients, seaweeds, salts, oils and muds. Each day, surrender to skilled hands and soothing care.

Family enjoyment
Tartaruga Bay promises an exhilarating time for the whole family. Children can enjoy sand castle building, swimming or snorkeling on the safe beach while young adults can learn to scuba or windsurf or meet friends in the recreation room.

Sensational swimming
The warm, clear sea and calm waters of Tartaruga Bay is without equal for safe swimming. Gorgeous infinity pools at each villa and a large communal pool on the restaurant deck offer comfortable deck chairs and ice cold drinks.

Fitness and fun
This is the time to focus on taking care of yourself.

Ease into each day with an invigorating run on the beach or a power workout - or just enjoy  a mouthwatering breakfast on the deck.

Swim, scuba, fish, snorkel, kayak or dive.

Go for a spa treatment, take a drive to Inhambane, take a scuba course - or just relax on the golden beach.

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