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As an owner at Tartaruga Bay you can exchange with other  luxury destinations - almost anywhere in the world.


At Tartaruga Bay, thousands of luxury destinations around the world are your luxury escape options - this year in Algarve, next year in Bali, maybe a luxury cruise, then in Paris and the next year at Disneyland.

"Your leisure property just became much more valuable"

More and more vacation homeowners are discovering the new vacationing alternative of luxury home exchanging.

Vacation homeowners have all experienced the joy of having that special second or third home to go to for their holidays or summer breaks.

Now you can leverage your ownership in Tartaruga Bay to travel to spectacular new luxury destinations when you want to try someplace new.

See https://www.theregistrycollection.com/registry_portfolio/

At Tartaruga Bay it is your choice to:

  • Use your villa yourself and enjoy a luxury estate
  • Let the Management Company rent it out - and earn rental income


  • Exchange your home with a luxury destination elsewhere in the world

Tartaruga Bay.

Luxury. Freedom. Choice.


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